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With the holiday weekend upon us, there will be a large number of boaters on the water. This means the importance of boating safety cannot be stressed enough. When you are out on the water this weekend, PLEASE boat safely. Ensure minors (as required by law) are wearing their life vests, and give way when confronted with a situation that could lead to an accident.

Since April 4, there have been multiple fatal incidents on the Potomac, Chester and Severn rivers. The four victims included a laborer, a vacationer and two fishermen, said Col. Ken Ziegler with the Maryland Natural Resources Police. Their boats ranged in size from a kayak to a 43-foot cabin cruiser.

“They all had one thing in common,” said Ziegler. “None of them was wearing a life jacket.”

Remember, your life is worth more than a day on the water, so ensure you can do it again next weekend!